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レストラン 「アル・ガレオーネ」 The hotel Baja Romantica is the center of a circuit of “scattered restaurants”. Guests can enjoy the cuisine of the restaurant Al Galeone, a real sailing ship lying on the beach complete with a fully equipped bar as the “bridge” and “below deck” the windows open to our beach. Ideal to enjoy the […]


レストラン「サ・ピスケッダ」       魅惑的なボーザの旧市街にあるレストラン。 Guests can spend an unforgettable evening by candlelight on the terraces of the restaurant Sa Pischedda in the charming old town of Bosa, a short walk from the Ponte Vecchio, Sa Pischedda restaurant is the ideal place to rediscover the flavors of the cuisine Bosana reworked with simplicity and skill […]