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                                                          Cristina Gervasi


“I’m a dynamic and cheerful person, passionate about Arts and Cinema. I’ve got experience in teaching Italian Language for foreigners in Brasil. The teaching method I prefer is the ‘intuitive’ one, which gives to the student a better chance to understand the linguistic problem before using the rules that are behind it. It is a perfect method, I think, to actively involve all the students in a pragmalinguistic approach. Finally, I organize my classes based on cultural and artistic contents of Italy and Sardinia too. To use our culture in learning Italian Language it is a double fulfilment. Doing that with foreigners in Sardinia for me it’s the best.” 

Daniela Boeddu



  “I’ve studied Literature in Cagliari and Linguistic in Spain (Vitoria-Gasteiz). I love studying and teaching so much that I made these disciplines my Profession. I teach Italian through activities that permit interaction and collaboration between students: I always try to procure new contexts where facilitate comunication and make situation of speaking authentic.

To me it’s very important that all classes will always develop in a friendly environment. In this way, I think, each student can fell comfortable with the group.

I define myself as a traveller and curious person. I adore sea, Literature, cinema, fotography, music. And, I have to say, I particularly love sardinian sweets made by the grandmother’s recipes.”

Assistant and Collaborator

Raimondo Cadoni

Raimondo Cadoni

“I’m passionate about Foreign Languages and Italian Culture. University studies brought me in Pisa, where at the moment I teach Italian for foreigners (L2). In my classes I prefer to use a ‘comunicative’ approach with students. I think this gives the chance to the student to be protagonist in the classroom. And, therefore, it helps also in a out-door situation, away from School ‘context’. Teaching Language and italian Culture to foreigners is one of my best satisfations, because I find in the intercultural exchange an extraordinary source of personal enrichment. Finally, my own Town (Bosa) gave me the chance to cultivate my passion for music and horseback riding. Thanks to ‘Sardinia Summer School and Services’, now, I have the opportunity to connect these disciplines to the Italian teaching. It is a dream that comes true.”