About Us

‘Sardinia Summer School and Services’ is a Summer School based in Sardinia (Bosa – Italy), where is possible to combine Vacantion and Study of Italian Language. After several years of experience made around Europe: Sud Tirol, Spain, England, Germany and Ireland, the Director, dott. Davide Fara, who taught at University of Dublin, in public and private schools, and in all destination where he lived in the last ten years all over Europe, he had the idea of bringing in Sardinia a Summer School of Italian Language. The intuition was to create an opportunity to study and teach Italian in his origin place: a natural destination for Holidays where it is possible to joing summer activities together with the interest of learning Italian. For this reason he created a dynamic enviroment, with prepared and motivated collaborators, who – in a blink of an eye – embraced the philosophy of the School. Now Sardinia Summer School works with student coming all over the world, in a global market place, with the unique interest of promoting Italian Language and its Culture in its original context.